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Indian Taco Recipe

Make Fry Bread dough using the instructions provided. Let it set at least 45 minutes for lighter bread. Take lemon-sized balls of dough and on a floured surface roll (or hand press) them out to about 6″ in diameter. They should be a bit less thin than a normal pencil. Cut two small slits in the center (this keeps the center lower and allows the chili juices to seep into the bread) and fry each side approximately 1.5-2 minutes or until golden brown.

Add a ladle full of your favorite chili recipe, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese and fresh tomatoes or salsa. Careful! These are addictive.

How we make Indian Tacos

As with most dishes, there are regional differences in the way Indian Tacos are made, too. My mother, Waltena, and her friend Nancy ‘discovered’ Indian Tacos in Dine country back in the 1970’s, and imported the idea to Oklahoma. An Indian Taco is a larger, flatter piece of Fry Bread with various toppings, and pleases most every palate.

From the bottom up, an Indian Taco is fry bread, seasoned beef and beans, lettuce, cheese, and a tomato based topping. Any good chili recipe will work on an Indian Taco, although most traditional recipes call for some variation of beef, beans, and chili seasoning. Some think ‘sharp’ cheddar cheese works better than mild; plain tomatoes or salsa goes on top.


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